Midlands Venture Forum is a local non-profit organization which was founded about 10 years ago with the goal of assisting entrepreneurs in Eastern Nebraska in building their companies, with a special focus on the fundraising process.  Over the years, MVF has played an important role in the local business community.  As more resources have become available for local entrepreneurs, the MVF Board of Directors decided to create the Venture Mentoring Program to provide more targeted assistance to specific companies by taking advantage of the collective experience of the local business community.

The Venture Mentoring Program will target potential high growth companies in Eastern Nebraska.  High growth is defined as companies that expect to derive more than 75% of their revenue from outside Nebraska, and that target a market of at least $1 billion. 

The goal of the Venture Mentoring Program is to provide potential high growth startups in Eastern Nebraska with free access to experienced entrepreneurs and service providers in order to accelerate the growth of these startups and help them become viable companies.